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Conquer Antarctica

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Conquer Antarctica is a fun and exciting game that requires planning and strategy to be successful.  If you’ve ever played Battleship, this game will seem very familiar.  You are up against a group of rival penguins, and you take turns shooting snowballs and other projectiles at one another.  You have to aim the projectiles very carefully, or else you might miss!  The last group of penguins standing is the winners.  In order to be successful, you have to plan carefully and learn from trial and error.  Otherwise, you might just get hit and end up on the short end of the stick!


Crazy Penguin Catapult

crazy penguin

Crazy Penguin Catapult is an incredibly fun and exciting game.  As a group of crafty penguins, your goal is to rescue your friends who have been captured by the evil polar bears.  The task will not be easy, however.  You have to catapult your way to the polar bears and dive-bomb into to them to send them flying.  Each level of the immense amount available requires you to first catapult your penguins across the map.  Then, you have to time your dive-bomb perfectly to hit each polar bear.  The game becomes incredibly interesting when you add powerups like fire penguins, ninja penguins, adding additional penguins, or adding additional bouncing capabilities.  Do you have what it takes to save the penguins?


Club Penguin


Club Penguin is a fun and exciting online social game for you and all of your friends and family to enjoy.  What makes this game great is the variety in the things that you can do.  Whether it is decorating your igloo, playing with your pet, or even partaking in the latest monthly party event.  This litany of activities is what makes Club Penguin shine.  Club Penguin is a game that inspires creativity, problem solving, and teamwork because of these experiences.  You can create an experience that is all your own by creating and customizing your very own penguin. What will you do?

Penguin Pass

penguin pass

Penguin Pass is an exciting puzzle game that will require all of the brainpower you can muster in order to solve its complex puzzles.  The goal is simple, you need to place blocks in a way to build a bridge for your penguin to cross over the water.  While the goal is simple, the puzzles are not.  The game will require you to pay close attention to every block you place to figure out the best way to place them.  What makes this challenge even more difficult is that you only have three chances!  However, the challenge is what makes the game fun as there is nothing more satisfying than solving a difficult puzzle in Penguin Pass.

And finally,  if you didn’t play it yet for some reason….

Penguin Diner

Penguin diner


Penguin Diner is a fun, fast paced variant of the popular Diner Dash game.  In the game, you play a young penguin that is stranded and needs to earn money to get home.  She decides to work as a waitress, and your goals is to make sure that she can earn the funds necessary to move up to improved diners and eventually find her way back home.  The game requires multitasking skills and the ability to remember customer orders.  Along the way, you can upgrade your penguin’s abilities, earn additional money and move to better diners.  Overall, Penguin Dash is a fun and exciting variant of the diner game genre.

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