Games Like Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner is one of the most popular fantasy cooking games in the market. In the Penguin Diner series of games, you have to help Penny the Penguin manage a diner and earn money. There are many games that are similar to the Penguin Diner. Here below we discuss a few of such fantasy cooking games in detail.

Diner Dash

diner dash

Diner Dash is another popular cooking game where you get to help Flo achieve her dream of managing a diner. The game is to be played using the mouse control. As the game progresses, you have to move Flo around the restaurant performing different tasks. You can click on a table which will make Flo go to the table. When you click on the food in the counter, Flo will come to the counter and pick up the food. All the actions in the game are to be performed by mouse clicks.

Customers   have to be seated as they arrive at the diner. The orders for food have to be taken and the food has to be delivered in the shortest time possible. Once the customer finishes the food and leaves, you can move Flo to the table to collect the cash. Higher cash can be obtained if the service is fast. The mood of the customer can be understood by looking at the series of hearts that will be displayed on top of each customer. The lesser number of hearts the customer has, they are more close to walking out of the restaurant without having their food.

Papa’s Pancakeria

papas pancakeria

This is a game where the player has to serve in a diner serving pancakes. You can choose your character from one of the options available at the start of the game. In the game screen, you can see three stations, Order Station, Grill Station and Build Station. Order station is where you have to take the orders for pancakes from the customers. Grill station is where the pancakes will be cooked. Build Station is where you can add on the required toppings.

Once you take an order, you can place the ticket on the order line. You have to move to the grill station to cook the required number of pancakes. When you are cooking the pancakes, you can use the help of a flip meter and time meter to know when they are cooked right. Once it is cooked, you can drag it to the finished stack and move to the build station. Here you will place the pancakes on the plate and add the toppings as in the order ticket. Once the plate is ready, drag the ticket to the ticket holder and it is done.

Cuti’s Diner

Cutis Diner

Cuti’s Diner is a game where you have to help Betty serve customers in the restaurant. The game is very similar to the penguin diner including the game controls used and how the game proceeds. When the customers or cutis arrive at the restaurant, you can click on the customer and then an empty table to seat them at the table.  Once the customer is ready to place an order, the cuti will wave. You have to skate to that table and click on the customer or the table to take the order.

Once you take the order, the food will be delivered at the food counter. You have to remember the orders and deliver the food correctly to the corresponding tables. Speed is essential to win this game and to proceed to other levels. If a customer is not served within time, the customer will get angry and leave and you will lose cash as the food has to be thrown into the Trash.

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